Portfolio Website User Guide

When you receive the login details, go to your new website, then click on the ‘Admin’ link in the left hand side. You can then enter your username and password.

Admin Header

When you first log in you will see your website administration panel. Take the time to click on some of the headings to find your way around the website. This page lists your ‘Exhibits’. Each Exhibit is one page of your website.

You can click on the ‘Statistics’ link at the top and see information about how many people have looked at your website, and which websites or ‘referrers’ are referring people to your website.

To the right of the header, you’ll see a link called ‘View Your Site’. This is the easiest way to get back to your website’s front page.

Click on ‘Admin’ on your front page again to get back to the admin area.

The ‘Preferences’ link, also in the right hand side of the admin header, is where you can change your password.

The help link will take you away from your website and over to the Indexhibit forum where you can learn more about how to use your website. If you have any questions, searching the Indexhibit forum will usually find you an answer. You’re also welcome to post questions in our discussion forums.

Exhibits = Pages

Click on ‘Exhibits’ in the header to get back to your list of pages.

Start by editing your ‘Main’ page. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Edit’ link to the right.

Delete the text which says ‘Edit this page’, and replace it with a description about yourself. When you’re done, don’t forget to click the little ’save’ icon at the top of the text window.

You can change the title from ‘Main’ to something else by clicking the title.

You can upload an image by clicking on the ‘Browse’ button and finding the image file on your computer. When you have found the right file, press the ‘Upload’ button. Don’t forget to hit the little save icon.

Click on ‘Exhibits’ in the header to get back to your list of pages. You can create a new page by clicking the ‘New’ link to the right, above the list of exhibits.


Indexhibit is broken up into three sections ‘Info’, ‘On-Going’ and ‘Projects’. This is so that you can categorize your website information into meaningful areas.

To change, delete or add sections, click the ‘Settings’ link.

Background Colour

When you are editing your exhibit, you’ll see an option for editing the background colour in the right hand side. Click on this and choose your preferred background colour from the palette. Don’t forget to hit the save icon.

Background Image

How the background image displays is determined by which Event Format you are using. Upload the background image using the form field in the right hand side. When you’ve selected the background image from your computer, just wait for the page to finish reloading. It will show you a thumbnail and have the delete button when the file has finished uploading. You’ll still need to save the page, so don’t forget to hit the save icon.

Check your page to see whether it is displaying the way you want or not. Most background images will tile (which means they will repeat over and over to fill up the whole background). You can stop the background image from tiling by clicking on ‘Advanced Settings’ and turning off tiling. Don’t forget to hit the save icon.

Exhibit Format

You can lay each page out in a different way. When you are editing your exhibit, you’ll see a drop-down box on the right which has a list of ‘Exhibit Formats’ you can choose from. Each format will display the content of that page in a different way.

Attaching Files

You can attach a file like a .pdf by selecting the folder icon on top of the text edit box. When the popup box appears, click on the ‘Upload Files’ link in the top right hand corner. When you’ve uploaded all your files, click on the ‘Files Manager’ link to see all your files. Click the arrow to insert the file link into your text box. The file link is an html link in the format of <a somefile></a> however you need to insert some text between the two tags like this <a somefile>click here</a> for the link to show up on your page. Don’t forget to save!

Adding an Email Link

If you want to add a link people can click on to email you, then you’ll need to add a HTML ‘mailto’ link. This is a link which mails a message to someone, using email. It’s not difficult, but you should know what you’re doing first by reading about links at W3Schools website, and then trying it out in their mailto editor.

The code for your website is as follows, but remember to replace the email address with your own address. You can also change the subject line, and the bit between > and < , which is what your link will look like on the page.


Other Settings

You can remove the ‘About This Site’ link from your side menu by going to Settings and deleting the following text: